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Welcome To ATM.com®

ATM is an app designed to help our colony of ants earn micro-income to save money or invest in the stock market through our SEC licensed (Ant Money Advisors) embedded finance tools. You can expect to earn $100 to $1,000 or more per year with the ATM app™ based on your level of engagement. There are both active and passive earning opportunities including rewards and cash back.

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How Does It Work?

Brands pay to advertise and are willing to pay more if they are confident their messages are seen and heard. ATM has created a platform where the top brands in the world will pay for your attention. You remain anonymous on the ATM app™ and we will never share or sell your name, phone number, email, address, or other personally identifiable information Privacy Policy.

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Fun Fact of The Season:

Did you know that an ant can lift objects over ten times its own weight? Imagine how much a whole colony of ants can lift working together?

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Give Yourself a Wealth Boost™

You can earn a minimum of $10 the first month if you login and participate with our brand partners for a couple of minutes each day. You can earn $40, $60, $80, or $100 or more per month if you engage in the ATM rewards program. In addition, you can earn passive micro-income once our colony reaches 1 million ants or more.

Build a Colony

Our goal is to build a colony of millions of ants. Once our colony grows to 1 million or more, our collective size will unlock the ability for all ants to earn more through passive micro-income rewards.

Earn Money

Initially, we may only be able to realize a few dollars per month per ATM member but, over time and with scale, our money will grow. Our colony has a shared goal, as we grow, our colony becomes more valuable.

Safe and secure

Your Data Is Safe And Secure

You'll need to link your bank account in the ATM app™ to get paid for any earnings. ATM.com® uses Plaid for bank linking. Other trusted companies Plaid works with include Visa, American Express, Fannie Mae, EllieMae, and many more!

Your personal data including any data from Plaid will never be shared or sold. Your data is safe and secure in the ATM.com® Vault.

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How Can I Interact With Brands And Remain Anonymous?

ATM invented a privacy based in-app messaging system, like dating apps, where brands can message you in the app, without knowing your name, email, or phone number. It is up to you if you want to read or respond to their messages. If you choose to become a new customer of the brand, they may ask you for your information, outside of our app, but we will never give you up ☺.

Brand Partnerships

Peet's Coffee
Door Dash
Stock X

The People

Michael Gleason

Michael Gleason
MIT, Consumer Brands,
Blast Co-Founder, CEO

Walter Cruttenden

Walter Cruttenden
Acorns, E*Trade, Blast Co-Founder, Chairman

Dr. Richard Thaler

Dr. Richard Thaler,
PhD, Nobel Prize,
Economics Advisor

Palmer Luckey

Palmer Luckey
Founder of Oculus VR & Anduril,
Industries Advisor

M. Shadows

M. Shadows
Avenged Sevenfold,
Rockstar Advisor

Mickey Avalon

Mickey Avalon
Hip Hop Artist,
Metal Core Advisor

Pat Tenore

Pat Tenore
Founder and
President of RVCA Advisor

Dr. Shlomo

Dr. Shlomo
Benartzi, PhD,
Behavioral Economist Advisor

Alexander Bystritsky

Dr. Alexander
Bystritsky, MD, PhD, UCLA Advisor

Bear D'Egidio

Bear D'Egidio
Founder of Hunny Group Advisor