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Google, Facebook, Amazon and many other companies cash in on your data.

They monetize it and provide you varying degrees of service in return. That's life in the digital world. But did you know your data is worth up to $2000 per year? According to research that is the value of the data generated by the average consumer.'s goal is to help you capture $50 to $100 per month of the micro-income stream you are currently giving away.

With every search or pin, every like or post, every article you read, and every link you click on, data is created, transmitted and stored.

Until now it has been virtually impossible to self monetize because the technology was inefficient and the transaction size uneconomical. But with new methods to track your own data, new platforms to capture micro transactions, and a colony of ants working together, you can start to reap the value of your digital actions. The collective size of the data pool is key!

How It Works is developing small algorithms and tagging technology to help track the data you produce. This technology fuels data monetization features like Data Dating™, helping you make money off your data. is negotiating at volume for the best revenue splits from the data aggregators, best deals with the micro-funds transfer companies and most favorable terms with the micro-accounts providers to help you make the most of your data.

Build a Colony

Our goal is to build a colony of 1 million ants! This puts us in a position of power to negotiate with data buyers and maximize the value of our collective data. Join the wait-list to help us return the monetary value of your data back to you!

Earn Money

Initially, we might only be able to realize a few dollars per month per user, but over time, and with scale that money will grow. There are no fees for using Our colony has a shared goal, as we grow, your data becomes more valuable.

Fun Fact:

Did you know that an ant can lift over ten times its own weight? Imagine how much a whole colony of ants working together can lift?

Your data is safe and secure in our Vault

Based on how you decide to lend your data, can determine how much monthly income you can earn. Your data can be loaned anonymously or personalized for greater income. You control it.

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People & Mission

Half the population does not have $500 set aside for an emergency. is here to help you develop micro-streams of income funneled into your micro-savings or micro-investment accounts that grow with time. Cash and control. Are we good?

Walter Cruttenden


Walter is a financial markets innovator having founded Roth Capital, ETrade's iBank, and co-founded Acorns and Blast. His focus is on developing financial services of the future. His book, Lost Star of Myth and Time, looks at the future of humanity, and ants.


Michael Gleason


Michael is a physicist with a passion for behavioral economics. With degrees from MIT and UCLA, he is the founder of multiple innovative technology and online publishing companies that serve both consumer and healthcare markets. Gleason knows the value of data!