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Google, Facebook, Amazon and many other companies cash in on your data.

They monetize it and provide you varying degrees of service in return. That's life in the digital world. But did you know your data is worth up to $2000 per year? According to research that is the value of the data generated by the average consumer.'s goal is to help you capture $50 to $100 per month of the micro-income stream you are currently giving away.

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With Every Search Or Pin, Every Like Or Post, Every Article You Read, And Every Link You Click On, Data Is Created, Transmitted And Stored.

Until now it has been virtually impossible to self monetize because the technology was inefficient and the transaction size uneconomical. But with new methods to track your own data, new platforms to capture micro transactions, and a colony of ants working together, you can start to reap the value of your digital actions. The collective size of the data pool is key!

How It Works® has developed algorithms and technology to help organize and track the data you produce. This technology fuels data monetization features like Data Dating®, helping you make money from your data. In addition to Data Dating®, you can sit back, relax, and earn passive Data Dividends and Colony Dividends. Your actual personal data is never sold, or shared; it never leaves our Data Vault. Instead, your data allows us to match you with brands that desire to build new customer relationships with you through our proprietary Data Messenger platform. Our Data Messenger is non-invasive and part of the® app. We will soon be able to pay our users “Colony Data Dividends” from our proprietary DAUM (Data Assets Under Management) platform.

Build a Colony

Our goal is to build a colony of 1 million ants to start! Once our ant population grows to over 1 million, our collective anonymized data can be used for valuable insights and research for both science and marketing.

Earn Money

Initially, we may only be able to realize a few dollars per month per user but, over time and with scale, that money will grow. Our colony has a shared goal - as we grow, your data becomes more valuable.

Fun Fact of The Season:

Did you know that an ant can lift objects over ten times its own weight? Imagine how much a whole colony of ants can lift working together?

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Your Data Is Safe And Secure In Our Vault

Half the population does not have $500 set aside for an emergency.® is here to help you develop micro-streams of income funneled into your micro-savings or micro-investment accounts that grow with time. Cash and control. Are we good?

Brand Partnerships

The People

Mike Gleason ant

Michael Gleason,
MIT, Consumer Brands,
Blast Co-Founder, CEO

Walter Cruttenden ant

Walter Cruttenden,
Acorns, E*Trade, Blast Co-Founder, Chairman ant,
Artist, Scientist,
Black Eyed Peas Advisor

M. Shadows ant

M. Shadows,
Avenged Sevenfold,
Rockstar Advisor

Pat Tenore

Pat Tenore
Founder and
President of RVCA Advisor

Mickey Avalon

Mickey Avalon
Hip Hop Artist,
Metal Core Advisor

Dr. Shlomo ant

Dr. Shlomo
Benartzi, PhD,
Behavioral Economist Advisor

Dr. Thaler ant

Dr. Richard Thaler,
PhD, Nobel Prize,
Economics Advisor

Dr. Doug ant

Dr. Douglas
Twisselmann, PhD,
Netflix, Apple, MIT Advisor

Dr. Bystritsky ant

Dr. Alexander
Bystritsky, MD, PhD, UCLA Advisor

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